We are currently attempting to wean my tube fed little man with purees and all wholesome goodness. The following posts detail our food journeys.


As a mother of a baby with special needs there are some things I have come to terms with never happening. There are many firsts that I know we will not get to experience with Teddy, and that is completely fine. As long as my son is happy, as healthy as he can be, and knows he is loved, then I am one happy mummy.

I believe Teddy experiences happiness, he cannot show us this in the usual manner, he has never smiled but we definitely get the odd smeyes (smiley eyes for those unaware). He has so many non-verbal cues that have taken a long time to hone and fully understand but we do now, his communication is excellent if you truly know him. So recently he has been giving us less of the happy cues and more of the grumpy ones. Its becoming a bit of a running joke now with everyone involved in Teddy's care. Most therapies start with us all gleefully singing; "Hello Teddy how are you? How are you today?" To which the reply is always GRUMPY!


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