5 Foods to make you...


If you have read my previous posts you know I am a woman on a mission, a very serious mission to fix my little man. Not completely fix him obviously, i'm not expecting any miracles, but I have been wowed by the power of food so who knows what we can change. So I have decided to start a little series looking at the impact of certain foods on the body and specifically my little man's body.

My son has been a very grumpy little man recently, he has been feeling lethargic, grumpy and at times he has been inconsolable, so we began investigating. His main angry times are around food and poop so I decided the best way to solve it would be to change his food and hopefully in turn; make him poop.

I went in easy, I started with single fruits and vegetables; boiled, steamed or slightly warmed and then blitzed so that they could be fed down his tube. The difference has been unimaginable, yes he still struggles to go, but for much shorter periods and the rest of the day is amazing. He is awake, alert, happy and engaged. Therapists have commented on the difference to his mood and overall attitude. By not being consumed with the griping pains he was feeling before, he has come on a lot during his sessions.

So what wonder foods would I put on my list for foods to make you poop?

1. Prunes - Ella's Kitchen have an amazing product which is just pure prunes, I have mixed this with a bit of baby rice in the morning and even just given him a full 10 ml syringe full as a snack throughout the day and this is fantastic at keeping things ticking over. I have been using the pouch for this because I just don't think I would be able to get an actual prune smooth enough and small enough, so the pouch is fantastic.

2. Bananas - I haven't been using a specific product for this, there are many pouches out there that include banana, but I have been just whizzing it up in the food processor. I give this as a snack and just keeps him happy and settled till his next feed. I gives him energy and also the fibre is definitely helping the old D-system.

3. Avocados - I had no idea that avocado made you poop, but when we were investigating foods to give Teddy the best start it was in there. It apparently has magnesium in it which aids digestion, it relaxes the intestinal muscles and attracts more water to soften it all. We have only just began adding this as he is struggling with the change in stool so hopefully the benefits of this will kick in soon! Again this is super smooth so a nice ripe one blends amazingly and just slips straight down the tube.

4. Broccoli - OK, so I haven't been giving Teddy just pure broccoli, I know he can't taste it going through his gastrostomy, but I like to think I give him the best and what I would give any of my children so I want things to taste great. For his tea, we have become a bit of a fan of another pouch broccoli, pears and peas. I have tasted it myself and although I originally felt it was an odd combination, I really liked it! Broccoli is a super-food because of all the vitamins it has crammed inside but also its a really good source of fibre which is exactly what we are after. I will definitely keep picking up this pouch for him, and I will be adding it to some meals I'm going to make and blend myself.

5. Water - Although its not a 'food' it works wonders for making you poop! We use sterile water, so I just boil the kettle and then wait for the water to cool and then we mix it with food, milk and sometimes he just has water straight in his tummy. I think this is something we need to increase, I have become so excited with picking foods that I have forgotten the power of water. So, note to self, I shall start with some extra bolus water feeds tomorrow.

So there you go, they have worked for us and hopefully any body who is weaning can get some inspo from that, there are some fantastic pouches and jars out there, but its also nice sometimes to make your own, what foods would you recommend for helping your little ones poop?

Keep trooping!

Ps. I have not been asked to write this post, I purchased all the products myself and the opinions are completely my own. hope you enjoyed this kind of post from me. :)


  1. Ah so glad you found something to help him!

  2. This is such a helpful post. I knew about broccoli and prunes but not the rest. X

  3. very helpful .I find baked beans and cauliflower are good too. And also apple juice

  4. That is the problem with weaning, all the new foods can bung them up - glad you have found something to help

  5. Weaning is such a difficult time for this, because I found that even things like bananas would make my baby constipated. I found the Ellas prune pouch had very little effect on my guy either, so I always used to have a stash of pureed prunes in the freezer ready to go (turned out my husband really like them on his yoghurt too! I'm not a fan myself!) I also used to find a dash of orange juice in the water seemed to help. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Aha I'm becoming a bit of an expert on poop since my youngest has been withholding poop for the last couple of years. Foods which make poop harder to get out include: milk, cheese, yogurt, banana, white bread and white pasta. Raisins, prunes, apple/pear puree, raspberries have all helped but sadly for my little guy he also has to have a lot of medicine :( Good luck xx

  7. I remember these days. It's so hard to see them like it and its not easy. I found that a dash of prune juice did the trick with Alice and I luckily I didn't have any trouble with Holly. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  8. Fantastic post! Good for you for taking the time out to research these things and record your findings. You are such a gem!!!

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