Diary #4 It finally arrived!

Well if you have kept up with our previous diary posts, you will know that I was feeling pretty angry and upset recently. After waiting what feels like months, it finally arrived!

A couple of mornings ago, I was stirring in bed but due to a few shitty nights I really didn't feel like waking up. My phone rang and I was furious that someone was calling at that ungodly hour (It was 9am but felt like 5am to me). "Hello its Dave, I need to come and drop off a frame!" Since it had been so long since it was meant to arrive, I didn't have a bloody clue what he was on about, he had to explain where he was from and that he was coming to drop off the standing frame - FINALLY! I jumped up, and ran to tell Teddy, he opened one eye and then snorted and rolled away a bit as if to say "I'd rather you just calmed down and changed my bum, I'm sat in poo here!" (also exciting news if you follow us).

His carer arrived about 15 minutes later and let the man in, it was only like 20 minutes from the call to his arrival, if only the rest of the process would have been so prompt. I had a shower because it was one of my working days so had to make sure I was ready when all I wanted to do was to play with Teddy. I came down after my shower and Alex, that's Teddy's carer, I'd rather use her name because she's pretty much family now, was getting very frustrated because she had completely forgotten how to use the frame. She's not an idiot, its just been so fricking long that we can't remember all the information they gave us. I messed around for a bit and then figured out there was a lock on the base so no bloody wonder she couldn't use it. We crammed him in and then slowly lifted him up to standing.

He kicked off for a moment, as you can tell by the red face. But within a few minutes, he was back to being the happy, free baby he was in the clinic a few weeks ago. We wheeled him around and then took him to his favourite spot; just in front of the TV. His eyes shot across and he realised he could have a fantastic view of cbeebies now. Obviously we didn't leave him there for long but we let him have his moment.

When I  got back from work my little man was napping on the sofa. I waited ever so patiently next to him and as soon as his eyes opened, I grabbed the frame and shoved him in. He seemed so happy again, it is definitely his favourite place to be. My mum nipped over for a brew and balled her eyes out when she saw him, she said it was just such a shock but a wonderful one. Teddy's godparents bought him a switch adapted Peter Rabbit which he loves but we usually turn it on for him. I grabbed a switch and attached them together and placed it on the standing frame lap tray. As soon as the switch was down, Teddy began moving his arms, I placed the switch under his hand and he pressed it! Again, me and my mum were blubbering - he was playing!!! Its huge for us, he doesn't play, he can't usually use his hands. But with this frame and table he had the freedom to do so.

I think we need to get some more switch adapted toys now because I don't know how many more times I can hear "Hello, my name is Peter Rabbit, do you want to play peekaboo?" Turns out Teddy does want to play it, and a lot!! He is like a dog with a bone; he needs to be reminded how to use the switch sometimes but then once he gets it, he won't stop tapping it.

Its so nice to have a really positive diary post to write. We have had lots of amazing times with the frame already and we have only had it 3 days, I look forward to the future; moving to a bigger house and being able to explore with Teddy in the frame.

How has this week treated you?

Keep trooping
Dear Bear and Beany


  1. how wonderful..reading this has made my day! Thank you for sharing......and well done Teddy!!

  2. Ah this is so amazing! He looks so happy in his frame, I can't imagine how you feel finally getting it. Even a hint of progress makes a huge impact to your life so I can't imagine how happy you all are with this xx

  3. Aw I am so pleased for you. I am glad that teddy is now able to play a bit with his connecting tray. Good job Christmas is coming so you can get so many new toys for him to play with him.


  4. That's such a lovely post, I'm so pleased he loves his new frame! I hope he continues to love it, it must make such a huge difference seeing him play and enjoy himself. You're right though, these talking toys definitely need more phrases programmed into them - I swear the phrases haunt me in my dreams! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. What a wonderful post. Look at him in his frame, so lovely to see. I'm pleased it has made a difference already and I hope that it continues to do so. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove


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