Diary #3 His first Bonfire Night

I know these are pumpkins but we made friendly pumpkins for the occasion instead of scary Halloween ones

I know what you are thinking; "She said his Birthday was in October?!" Yes it was, so he was around last bonfire night but it just came and passed. This time last year we were in a very dark place, we were facing a very bleak outlook and my way of coping was cooping both me and Teddy up inside and hiding from the outside world. I was living in constant fear that if we went outside Teddy would catch something and that would be it, so we stayed in. We allowed visitors in the house but they had to be vetted; anyone who had been within a mile radius of germs could not enter (my mother in law even suggested Michael Jackson-esque masks at one point).

I wouldn't say we are safe and completely free of that period, but we are much more relaxed now. Teddy's condition is life limiting and we want to make the most of it, keeping him in, hiding from the world is not doing that. So this year we are embracing all the celebrations we can!

So last weekend it was Bonfire Night, we decided to gather our family round and make me most of the date falling on a weekend. We have recently sold our house and hope to move very soon so thought it would be lovely to have a family party and make some lasting memories in our first home (I am planning a mini series around our big move soon, so keep your eyes peeled). My sister came along with her husband and my niece and nephew, my mum joined us to help with everything and even my uncle popped by, to quote; "Just for the black peas!"

I really wanted to make it a special occasion and with Teddy now enjoying the delights of real food, I wanted to make a lovely feast so that we all could enjoy food together. After struggling to establish what food people have for Bonfires, I came to the conclusion of jacket potatoes, my mum said it used to be tradition to cook them in the fire and then once its all burned out you all get hot potatoes. I wanted to do something a bit special so decided to make a toppings station, I cooked Chilli Con Carne and Pulled chicken so people would have a choice of main topping and then put out lots of little extras out like coleslaw, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos etc. The kids loved having the options and then most of the adults challenged themselves to go big and have EVERYTHING (I definitely led this revolution!) Once we had all eaten I let my niece and nephew pick what Teddy was having. They loved this and it was a fantastic way of getting them to interact with Teddy. They are both active, fun loving kids and it's hard sometimes because Teddy doesn't move so they easily get distracted and move away from him. They chose strawberries and apples - more of a dessert than a main but hey it was a party and we were feeling free and breezy.

Once we had all finished munching away, we gathered around in our garden and my husband started setting off the fireworks. My niece was petrified of the bangs which made my nephew decide he suddenly had a phobia, so we ended up all gathered in the porch instead. Teddy loves being naked and we have come to a compromise where he now doesn't wear pants, so I had him all wrapped up in a blanket. Vest, thick socks, wooly hat and a thick blanket- hes such a little trend setter. It was lovely just being together, even though my sister and I kept snapping at the kids for moaning about the noise, it was nice for them to be in the porch with us, so Teddy felt like he was part of it. I didn't have to think 'Oh I best keep him in and warm so he doesn't catch anything,' I could make believe we were in because he too was afraid of the bangs and wanted the safety of his mum and auntie around him.

After the all the outdoor fun, we all cosied up around our log burner for an indoor fire and enjoyed the delights of Strictly and X factor. 

I am already making plans for next years Bonfire Night, being in a bigger house will make entertaining even easier. Hopefully we will have an even stronger Teddyman enjoying it too. What did you guys do for the event? Any ideas of what to make/do next year?

Roll on 2017, 
For now, We keep trooping. 


  1. It's so nice coming into the warm after the fireworks isn't it? Makes you feel cosy.Glad Teddy was able to enjoy it.

  2. We celebrated fireworks at a friends house, toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate. better than an organised display anyday - glad he had fun

  3. Our dog was too excited to stare at the fireworks and decided to participate jumping.