5 Foods to make you...

Invincible ! 

As you know from my previous post I have been wowed by the power of food, so I have decided to start a little series looking at the impact of certain foods on the body and specifically my little man's body.

Aside from being grumpy, we always have an additional issue and that is Teddy's immune system. Often, during the autumn and winter months, we are housebound to avoid all the dreaded bugs and viruses. So I thought; how amazing would it be to find natural ways to boost little man's immune system?

As my confidence with making purees has grown, I have begun adding extra little bits in to, in essence, 'medicate' Teddy but with food. I have always loved food, but I am learning so much recently and its effecting my diet too. We have started all eating the same things which on it's own is so exciting. It's lovely to share a meal as a whole family.

So just in a few weeks I can see a huge difference in Teddy's immune system, usually we have some sort of cough or old cold every other week. But so far so good, hes a strong little man and seems to be thriving- We will probably all catch the plague next week now. Ha.

So what wonder foods would I put on my list for foods to make you invincible?

1. Berries - Berries are ram packed with antioxidants so they really help boost the immune system. The body deploys these as a first line of defence so amping up the amount in the body can only help. Teddy has been having these in with his porridge in the morning, giving him a nice boost to start the day.  

2. Sweet Potatoes - When I was reading up, sweet potatoes kept popping up. They provide the body with antioxidants again and lots of vitamins especially vitamin A which is really good for strengthening our skin. Skin is our body's barrier against the world so boosting this has no end of benefits. But also it has something in which I had never heard of- carotenoids - they help the body fight flu and colds which is definitely something Teddy needs. They are so easy to cook so I have been adding these to pretty much every puree I've made. 

3. Meat - I was very reluctant to add meat into Teddy's diet at first, I felt this brought a whole host of new issues such as salmonella. However; once I thought about the benefits, I decided to risk it. Obviously meat contains protein  which is great for repair so if Teddy does catch anything he will have the strength to fight. Furthermore, the energy it provides helps the body to keep warding off bugs and viruses. I am adding little bits of meat to the purees, so far I've just added turkey and chicken. I will be blending up elements of our Sunday dinner for him today.

4. Garlic - When I started my googling, garlic repeatedly appeared on lists of foods to boost your immune system. Garlic stimulates the activity of immune system cells that destroy cold and flu viruses which is our main issue, so it is perfect for little man. We have been popping a bit of fresh garlic in at least one meal a day to make sure Teddy is having that constant supply. 

5. Turmeric - Now this is suppose to be like a wonder food, the cure to many an ailment, especially TB. Now I'm not too worried about Teddy contracting TB, but turmeric boosts the immune system in general so I am popping it on my list too. It is  anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which is great for someone like Teddy who has a condition which means his health can deteriorate rapidly. Along with garlic, I have been mixing a teaspoon of this in with one of his purees once a day. I have just read that if you mix it with black pepper it can increase your body's absorption so I will be giving that a go too.  

So there you go, they have worked for us and hopefully any body who is weaning can get some inspo from that, there are some fantastic pouches and jars out there, but its also nice sometimes to make your own, what foods would you recommend for helping boost your immune system?

Keep trooping!

Ps. I have not been asked to write this post, I purchased all the products myself and the opinions are completely my own. :)

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