5 Foods to make you...

Invincible ! 

As you know from my previous post I have been wowed by the power of food, so I have decided to start a little series looking at the impact of certain foods on the body and specifically my little man's body.

Aside from being grumpy, we always have an additional issue and that is Teddy's immune system. Often, during the autumn and winter months, we are housebound to avoid all the dreaded bugs and viruses. So I thought; how amazing would it be to find natural ways to boost little man's immune system?

As my confidence with making purees has grown, I have begun adding extra little bits in to, in essence, 'medicate' Teddy but with food. I have always loved food, but I am learning so much recently and its effecting my diet too. We have started all eating the same things which on it's own is so exciting. It's lovely to share a meal as a whole family.

So just in a few weeks I can see a huge difference in Teddy's immune system, usually we have some sort of cough or old cold every other week. But so far so good, hes a strong little man and seems to be thriving- We will probably all catch the plague next week now. Ha.

So what wonder foods would I put on my list for foods to make you invincible?

1. Berries - Berries are ram packed with antioxidants so they really help boost the immune system. The body deploys these as a first line of defence so amping up the amount in the body can only help. Teddy has been having these in with his porridge in the morning, giving him a nice boost to start the day.  

2. Sweet Potatoes - When I was reading up, sweet potatoes kept popping up. They provide the body with antioxidants again and lots of vitamins especially vitamin A which is really good for strengthening our skin. Skin is our body's barrier against the world so boosting this has no end of benefits. But also it has something in which I had never heard of- carotenoids - they help the body fight flu and colds which is definitely something Teddy needs. They are so easy to cook so I have been adding these to pretty much every puree I've made. 

3. Meat - I was very reluctant to add meat into Teddy's diet at first, I felt this brought a whole host of new issues such as salmonella. However; once I thought about the benefits, I decided to risk it. Obviously meat contains protein  which is great for repair so if Teddy does catch anything he will have the strength to fight. Furthermore, the energy it provides helps the body to keep warding off bugs and viruses. I am adding little bits of meat to the purees, so far I've just added turkey and chicken. I will be blending up elements of our Sunday dinner for him today.

4. Garlic - When I started my googling, garlic repeatedly appeared on lists of foods to boost your immune system. Garlic stimulates the activity of immune system cells that destroy cold and flu viruses which is our main issue, so it is perfect for little man. We have been popping a bit of fresh garlic in at least one meal a day to make sure Teddy is having that constant supply. 

5. Turmeric - Now this is suppose to be like a wonder food, the cure to many an ailment, especially TB. Now I'm not too worried about Teddy contracting TB, but turmeric boosts the immune system in general so I am popping it on my list too. It is  anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which is great for someone like Teddy who has a condition which means his health can deteriorate rapidly. Along with garlic, I have been mixing a teaspoon of this in with one of his purees once a day. I have just read that if you mix it with black pepper it can increase your body's absorption so I will be giving that a go too.  

So there you go, they have worked for us and hopefully any body who is weaning can get some inspo from that, there are some fantastic pouches and jars out there, but its also nice sometimes to make your own, what foods would you recommend for helping boost your immune system?

Keep trooping!

Ps. I have not been asked to write this post, I purchased all the products myself and the opinions are completely my own. :)

Diary #4 It finally arrived!

Well if you have kept up with our previous diary posts, you will know that I was feeling pretty angry and upset recently. After waiting what feels like months, it finally arrived!

A couple of mornings ago, I was stirring in bed but due to a few shitty nights I really didn't feel like waking up. My phone rang and I was furious that someone was calling at that ungodly hour (It was 9am but felt like 5am to me). "Hello its Dave, I need to come and drop off a frame!" Since it had been so long since it was meant to arrive, I didn't have a bloody clue what he was on about, he had to explain where he was from and that he was coming to drop off the standing frame - FINALLY! I jumped up, and ran to tell Teddy, he opened one eye and then snorted and rolled away a bit as if to say "I'd rather you just calmed down and changed my bum, I'm sat in poo here!" (also exciting news if you follow us).

His carer arrived about 15 minutes later and let the man in, it was only like 20 minutes from the call to his arrival, if only the rest of the process would have been so prompt. I had a shower because it was one of my working days so had to make sure I was ready when all I wanted to do was to play with Teddy. I came down after my shower and Alex, that's Teddy's carer, I'd rather use her name because she's pretty much family now, was getting very frustrated because she had completely forgotten how to use the frame. She's not an idiot, its just been so fricking long that we can't remember all the information they gave us. I messed around for a bit and then figured out there was a lock on the base so no bloody wonder she couldn't use it. We crammed him in and then slowly lifted him up to standing.

He kicked off for a moment, as you can tell by the red face. But within a few minutes, he was back to being the happy, free baby he was in the clinic a few weeks ago. We wheeled him around and then took him to his favourite spot; just in front of the TV. His eyes shot across and he realised he could have a fantastic view of cbeebies now. Obviously we didn't leave him there for long but we let him have his moment.

When I  got back from work my little man was napping on the sofa. I waited ever so patiently next to him and as soon as his eyes opened, I grabbed the frame and shoved him in. He seemed so happy again, it is definitely his favourite place to be. My mum nipped over for a brew and balled her eyes out when she saw him, she said it was just such a shock but a wonderful one. Teddy's godparents bought him a switch adapted Peter Rabbit which he loves but we usually turn it on for him. I grabbed a switch and attached them together and placed it on the standing frame lap tray. As soon as the switch was down, Teddy began moving his arms, I placed the switch under his hand and he pressed it! Again, me and my mum were blubbering - he was playing!!! Its huge for us, he doesn't play, he can't usually use his hands. But with this frame and table he had the freedom to do so.

I think we need to get some more switch adapted toys now because I don't know how many more times I can hear "Hello, my name is Peter Rabbit, do you want to play peekaboo?" Turns out Teddy does want to play it, and a lot!! He is like a dog with a bone; he needs to be reminded how to use the switch sometimes but then once he gets it, he won't stop tapping it.

Its so nice to have a really positive diary post to write. We have had lots of amazing times with the frame already and we have only had it 3 days, I look forward to the future; moving to a bigger house and being able to explore with Teddy in the frame.

How has this week treated you?

Keep trooping
Dear Bear and Beany

5 Foods to make you...


If you have read my previous posts you know I am a woman on a mission, a very serious mission to fix my little man. Not completely fix him obviously, i'm not expecting any miracles, but I have been wowed by the power of food so who knows what we can change. So I have decided to start a little series looking at the impact of certain foods on the body and specifically my little man's body.

My son has been a very grumpy little man recently, he has been feeling lethargic, grumpy and at times he has been inconsolable, so we began investigating. His main angry times are around food and poop so I decided the best way to solve it would be to change his food and hopefully in turn; make him poop.

I went in easy, I started with single fruits and vegetables; boiled, steamed or slightly warmed and then blitzed so that they could be fed down his tube. The difference has been unimaginable, yes he still struggles to go, but for much shorter periods and the rest of the day is amazing. He is awake, alert, happy and engaged. Therapists have commented on the difference to his mood and overall attitude. By not being consumed with the griping pains he was feeling before, he has come on a lot during his sessions.

So what wonder foods would I put on my list for foods to make you poop?

1. Prunes - Ella's Kitchen have an amazing product which is just pure prunes, I have mixed this with a bit of baby rice in the morning and even just given him a full 10 ml syringe full as a snack throughout the day and this is fantastic at keeping things ticking over. I have been using the pouch for this because I just don't think I would be able to get an actual prune smooth enough and small enough, so the pouch is fantastic.

2. Bananas - I haven't been using a specific product for this, there are many pouches out there that include banana, but I have been just whizzing it up in the food processor. I give this as a snack and just keeps him happy and settled till his next feed. I gives him energy and also the fibre is definitely helping the old D-system.

3. Avocados - I had no idea that avocado made you poop, but when we were investigating foods to give Teddy the best start it was in there. It apparently has magnesium in it which aids digestion, it relaxes the intestinal muscles and attracts more water to soften it all. We have only just began adding this as he is struggling with the change in stool so hopefully the benefits of this will kick in soon! Again this is super smooth so a nice ripe one blends amazingly and just slips straight down the tube.

4. Broccoli - OK, so I haven't been giving Teddy just pure broccoli, I know he can't taste it going through his gastrostomy, but I like to think I give him the best and what I would give any of my children so I want things to taste great. For his tea, we have become a bit of a fan of another pouch broccoli, pears and peas. I have tasted it myself and although I originally felt it was an odd combination, I really liked it! Broccoli is a super-food because of all the vitamins it has crammed inside but also its a really good source of fibre which is exactly what we are after. I will definitely keep picking up this pouch for him, and I will be adding it to some meals I'm going to make and blend myself.

5. Water - Although its not a 'food' it works wonders for making you poop! We use sterile water, so I just boil the kettle and then wait for the water to cool and then we mix it with food, milk and sometimes he just has water straight in his tummy. I think this is something we need to increase, I have become so excited with picking foods that I have forgotten the power of water. So, note to self, I shall start with some extra bolus water feeds tomorrow.

So there you go, they have worked for us and hopefully any body who is weaning can get some inspo from that, there are some fantastic pouches and jars out there, but its also nice sometimes to make your own, what foods would you recommend for helping your little ones poop?

Keep trooping!

Ps. I have not been asked to write this post, I purchased all the products myself and the opinions are completely my own. hope you enjoyed this kind of post from me. :)

Weekend Tot Style #1

Well as childish and naive as it may seem, when I found out I was pregnant, one of the things I was super excited about was being able to dress my little baby. I just love baby clothes, I don't know why but outfits just look 1000 times more amazing when they are tiny! So once I knew I was having a boy my shopping addiction was fuelled even more and before long my son had developed a wardrobe far more impressive than both mine and my husbands put together.

So now I that I have started this blog, it seems like this can be another way of enjoying my recent purchases, not just by loving looking at Teddy in them, but by documenting and sharing them.

This weekend we had some friends round to start the festive season and I thought it was about time we starting wrapping Teddy up warm:

I posted this picture on both Teddy's and my own instgram pages and lots of people were asking where the elements were from so here are the deets:

The jumper is from Marks and Spencer and was gift from one of my close friends who totally gets the way I like to dress Teddy. 
The hat is from next, I cannot find it on the website now but I only bought it a few weeks ago. I know I really wanted a bobble hat for him this season, I think I am going to have a peruse on instagram for a few different colours (Leave me any recommendations in the comments)
And finally his little joggers are from the nutmeg range at Morrisons. Honestly the nutmeg range is amazing for gorgeous affordable baby/children's clothes.

Well I hope you have enjoyed our first weekend tot style, what a lovely idea This Mama Life and The Diary of an Ordinary Mum have come up with, I shall definitely be making this a regular thing. 

The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

Diary #3 His first Bonfire Night

I know these are pumpkins but we made friendly pumpkins for the occasion instead of scary Halloween ones

I know what you are thinking; "She said his Birthday was in October?!" Yes it was, so he was around last bonfire night but it just came and passed. This time last year we were in a very dark place, we were facing a very bleak outlook and my way of coping was cooping both me and Teddy up inside and hiding from the outside world. I was living in constant fear that if we went outside Teddy would catch something and that would be it, so we stayed in. We allowed visitors in the house but they had to be vetted; anyone who had been within a mile radius of germs could not enter (my mother in law even suggested Michael Jackson-esque masks at one point).

I wouldn't say we are safe and completely free of that period, but we are much more relaxed now. Teddy's condition is life limiting and we want to make the most of it, keeping him in, hiding from the world is not doing that. So this year we are embracing all the celebrations we can!

So last weekend it was Bonfire Night, we decided to gather our family round and make me most of the date falling on a weekend. We have recently sold our house and hope to move very soon so thought it would be lovely to have a family party and make some lasting memories in our first home (I am planning a mini series around our big move soon, so keep your eyes peeled). My sister came along with her husband and my niece and nephew, my mum joined us to help with everything and even my uncle popped by, to quote; "Just for the black peas!"

I really wanted to make it a special occasion and with Teddy now enjoying the delights of real food, I wanted to make a lovely feast so that we all could enjoy food together. After struggling to establish what food people have for Bonfires, I came to the conclusion of jacket potatoes, my mum said it used to be tradition to cook them in the fire and then once its all burned out you all get hot potatoes. I wanted to do something a bit special so decided to make a toppings station, I cooked Chilli Con Carne and Pulled chicken so people would have a choice of main topping and then put out lots of little extras out like coleslaw, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos etc. The kids loved having the options and then most of the adults challenged themselves to go big and have EVERYTHING (I definitely led this revolution!) Once we had all eaten I let my niece and nephew pick what Teddy was having. They loved this and it was a fantastic way of getting them to interact with Teddy. They are both active, fun loving kids and it's hard sometimes because Teddy doesn't move so they easily get distracted and move away from him. They chose strawberries and apples - more of a dessert than a main but hey it was a party and we were feeling free and breezy.

Once we had all finished munching away, we gathered around in our garden and my husband started setting off the fireworks. My niece was petrified of the bangs which made my nephew decide he suddenly had a phobia, so we ended up all gathered in the porch instead. Teddy loves being naked and we have come to a compromise where he now doesn't wear pants, so I had him all wrapped up in a blanket. Vest, thick socks, wooly hat and a thick blanket- hes such a little trend setter. It was lovely just being together, even though my sister and I kept snapping at the kids for moaning about the noise, it was nice for them to be in the porch with us, so Teddy felt like he was part of it. I didn't have to think 'Oh I best keep him in and warm so he doesn't catch anything,' I could make believe we were in because he too was afraid of the bangs and wanted the safety of his mum and auntie around him.

After the all the outdoor fun, we all cosied up around our log burner for an indoor fire and enjoyed the delights of Strictly and X factor. 

I am already making plans for next years Bonfire Night, being in a bigger house will make entertaining even easier. Hopefully we will have an even stronger Teddyman enjoying it too. What did you guys do for the event? Any ideas of what to make/do next year?

Roll on 2017, 
For now, We keep trooping. 

Diary #2 All talk, no action

Well as the title states, I'm feeling a bit frustrated with people being all talk, no action. As I stated in my last diary post; our physiotherapist is on it. However the people around her aren't so on it.
Many of her referrals recently have left us feeling mixed emotions.

Early in the week we had a very exciting appointment to go and try out a standing frame. Teddy doesn't attempt to hold himself in any way, he doesn't have any head control and has little to no core body strength, so standing is never going to be possible without an aid. So Tuesday was coming, I had been counting down the days with feverish excitement and then... Teddy was ill. Story of our bloody lives. Just as I feel we are getting somewhere either the flu or a chest infection hits and everything has to be put on the back burner. But not this time Teddy, Mummy was determined.  I kept pushing him to get better, regular nebs, regular chest physio, increased oxygen and just pure will!

 On the day, his carer arrived and she was just as excited as I was about the possibilities the day brought and together we decided that although Teddy wasn't 100% we didn't want to miss this appointment and have to wait god knows how long for the next one. So we scooped him up, shoved him in the car and set off. All the way we were both so nervous, concerned about how ill and grumpy he was and the fact that in this kind of mood we usually get nothing out of him. When we arrived, we were late but it worked out well, we were rushed straight through into the room where the frame was all set up. Teddy protested, as we had anticipated, and it took both the physio and the standing frame lady, a rather long time to get both Teddy and the frame right.

Shock horror, he bloody LOVED it. Every one was so shocked at how happy he was in his frame. His position was fantastic, he looked amazing and I was just so proud. As soon as he was up, he began independently moving his head, something we had been told the frame would help with but not this fast. I was so emotional, as the physio pushed him towards me I was just so overcome. This was his first steps to me, the first tine he had been able to travel towards me without me having to go to him. OK, I know he wasn't actually walking and I know someone was pushing him but they were doing what he wanted them to, I could see it in his eyes, he wanted to travel towards me and he could.

After all this excitement, the woman who organised the frame was extremely happy with how he had coped and vehemently said we could have it! Aaahh how exciting, the amount of progress he had made in minutes, imagine what he could do if he got to go in this every day? Ahh I can show Mike, he can have the moment I just had with our son. All she had to do was let their driver know, he would ring us and then drop it off. It wouldn't be today but definitely the next few days.

So here we are, nearly two weeks later, still no frame. "Why not ring the people?" I hear you ask, well I have done, I rang the physio, she rang the woman- nothing! They can't get hold of her for some reason. When they can, they will ring me. Still no phone call. I know we have been so lucky getting the opportunity, but don't dangle the carrot. We are either doing it, or we are not. How is it fair to hinder his progress by pissing about?

Hopefully, this time next week I will have much better news! And also the potential for another piece of equipment.

But for now, we keep trooping