Diary #1 He got some new wheels

I have had this idea that I would like to share with you. My little man has a pretty hectic life, his diary is jam packed (I say his, its clearly my little Cath Kidston number!) So how wonderful would it be to let you know all he has been up to. In turn this will make me write it down and actually see where we are up to.

Well this week was a biggy, as you can tell by the title, my little man got some new wheels. Teddy the trooper is now fully mobile. Our physio is on it, she's really good. Sometimes I feel she might be a little too organised but I guess that can only benefit Teddy. There have been times when she has been super excited about referrals for every service she can think of which can be truly overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to stop and smell the roses! I want to feel normal for a day or so and wheelchairs, botox and splints are not normal for a 1 year old. But on the other hand, there are people in different catchment areas fighting tooth and nail to get the basics so I should stop being a mardy cow!

When we arrived for the posture assessment, the physio came with and helped make sure Teddy got the best. The posture and mobility lady was amazing and knew straight away what Teddy needed, just from looking at him. No time was wasted trying out seats, she knew instantly that the 'Snappi' would provide the support he needs. And oh how right she was!

One problem.... well there's a few but I will start with the biggy... It doesn't fit in our car. We have a lovely red Polo which I adore. I like that I still feel me but in a car that accommodates family life- well it did! After trying it several different ways we found the wheels would just about fit in the boot and then the seat would have to go on the passenger seat, making it extremely difficult to have anyone other than me and Teddy in the car at one time. But needs must, he needs a seat so I will just have to get over it. However, due to some numpty, the Saturday before we were supposed to pick up the chair, my lovely little Polo received a bit of a make over. Front and back. So now Penny Pounder (that's our name for the Polo) is in the garage getting tarted up, and I am whizzing around in a Corsa. A car I never would have considered but... the Snappi fits! Like a bloody glove!

Anyway, enough about cars, back on to the chair. Well its super supportive, I picked the colours myself so it looks fab and complements Teddy's outfits to a T (Priorities right?) It's so easy to take apart and fold, it's light and whizzy- pretty sure that's a real adjective. I really can't get over how old he looks in it, he looks his age. For so long he has just looked like a giant baby in his pram because he slouches. So many people, especially old people for some reason, would pop their head under his hood and say "Awww look at the baby sleeping!!" errrr NO hes wide awake and not a baby! Now people talk to him, instead of me and I love it. He is so much happier finally being able to see the world, he is loving having a good toot about.

Now for the negatives, I doesn't have a hood or rain cover and as it is a special needs piece of equipment, they are extortionate. It really grinds my gears that special needs things are expensive, as if its not bloody hard enough! They know if you need it you will pay. Well I refuse, hopefully we will get them funded but I think its rubbish that they don't come as standard. Secondly, the suspension is non existent. We had a Joolz eco day (beautiful pram- not a bad word to say about it!), so to go from that to this is a dramatic change. Teddy is feeling every single bump in the road and its causing all kinds of secretion issues. I will bring this up with them to check its not a problem with how its made. But right now it's p****ng me off.

So at this moment in time we are having a bit of a love hate relationship with the ol' Snappi, watch this space. We are only a week in and I'm a fickle little thing so I will probably feel completely different once we have used it some more.

Next week hopefully brings another new piece of equipment to our lives
For now,
We keep trooping

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