How did we get here?

Well I thought it would be good to get the introductions out of the way. I sometimes find that when I read some bloggers posts I have lots of questions about their past, what has happened, why is that, that way? etc. So I imagine if people come to my blog the main questions will be around my son, so I shall tell you all about him.

My beautiful baby boy was born October 1st 2015 after a very normal healthy pregnancy. Many non-medical professional onlookers boldy stated their opinions on my bump; "Oh that's a big baby!!", "Your so tiny, will you be ok?". However, I felt I was mother earth and the whole thing was going to beautiful! I had the most wonderful, natural birth planned, but the closer it got to my induction date, the more I felt the dream slipping away. I was very aware that if I had to be induced, the whole birth would become a much more clinical experience.

This is me the morning I went in for my induction, see looking at this now I can see my bump was huge and REALLY high. He definitely wasn't planning on coming out. 

Any who, the day came, I went in for my induction. It didn't progress well; I was having contractions for over 24 hours before my waters broke, and then it was nearly another 24 hours after that when he finally made his dramatic entrance into the world.

During the final stages my son's shoulder became stuck behind my pelvis, he couldn't get out. His cord was around his neck which, after a prolonged struggle, strangled him. Once the crash team managed to get him out he was floppy, it took them 20 minutes to resuscitate him and then he had to be transferred to the NICU, where they assessed and managed the damage the lack of oxygen had caused his brain.

They were amazing and worked their magic, however they were always really down to earth and made sure we fully understood the extent of our son's brain injury.
He is very severely effected and there are many milestones he will never hit, but me and my husband have chosen positivity for him. We embrace all the wonderful things he is doing, and try to celebrate the 'inchstones' as we call them. His full diagnosis is HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy) Grade 3, which basically means a prolonged lack of oxygen resulting in a brain injury and it is split into grades 1-3. So based on the scale, you can see he is on the severe end.

Now that I have shared this you have a basic explanation  of his injury, but in the future I am sure I will go into separate parts of it when it is necessary. For now I will leave you with pictures of my beautiful boy now!

Theodore James Reginald (Teddy to you.)

So if you got through that, thank you. I promise to not be as serious moving forward but I felt I needed to explain the basics of Teddy's condition so that I don't leave you wondering what's going on if I randomly pop him in a post. 

Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm always happy to explain whatever I can. 

For now, keep trooping.